Tribute Series

Magoos Tribute Series Street RodsThe Moon Coupe is the first in a series of spec reproduction 1932 Fords we are building. The plan is to offer a range of coupes and roadsters inspired by what we think are some of the best 32’s ever built. They are NOT intended to be clones at all. It is just that we believe the designs are timeless and whether people want to admit it or not, we are all influenced to a large extent by those that have gone before us. The reality is two guys can build two cars – one gets it 100% right and the other ends up with a disaster, so why totally re-invent the wheel.

The concept is to take the winning elements from different interpretations; eg colour, stance, wheel/tire combos, exhausts, power plant, trim etc etc, of top hot rods and use them as a pattern for building your own winning combination.

Pricing on the tribute cars is dependant on how complete they are at the time of purchase. For example, the Moon coupe is currently available for $45,000 less motor and trans, but price can go up – or down – according to the final selection of parts. As with all Magoo’s projects we’ll be drawing from the stocks we carry from leading USA manufacturers including So-Cal Speedshop, Mooneyes, Flaming River, Limeworks, American racing, Wheelsmith, Mr Roadster, Billet Specialties, Super Bell, Pete & Jakes, Borgeson, Mullins, Classic Instruments, Vintage Air, BF Goodrich, Vintique, Lokar, Currie, Gennie Shifter etc, Base packages are available from $20000 and finance can be arranged.

Of course if you want a Deuce that is totally unique to you, we’re happy to work with you on that project also.

So why limit the tribute series to 1932 Fords? Well, arguably the Deuce is the all time most popular body style for hot rods, and as we manufacture the 3 window coupe and roadster bodies in house, plus make the chassis and can supply literally all the parts required to complete a project, it makes natural sense. If you prefer a 5 window coupe we can source from Koop de Glass or Deuce Customs. Having said that, the designs we are working from could equally be applied to, say, a 34 coupe, so if you want to go down that track we can accommodate your tastes and personalise the car to your needs.

In the meantime, check out our offerings. We’ll deliberately be progressively releasing these over the next few months so check back to see if there is something that spins your crank, and motivates you to see the highway through the bug splattered windscreen of your own hot rod. Life is too short to not enjoy that experience, so give us a call now!